This is all in planning and development at the moment, the game system will be Pathfinder.


Aield, a world originally watched over by three gods. Avleyn the Goddess of Life, Kaith the God of Death, and Swith the Goddess of Entropy. Avleyn and Kaith quickly found a strong connection between them and a combined distaste for Swith and her ways.

Over millennia, life on Aield developed and adapted under the universal influence of the gods, and the bond between Avleyn and Kaith grew, they became nearly inseparable. Swith watched from the shadows, dwelling in her deep jealousy and hatred for Avleyn, and developing a sick and sadistic attraction to Kaith.

As the God’s relationships developed, the beings down on Aield began to come into the complex stage of sentience. Humanoid creatures began to develop rapidly. Small societies began to develop, as did worship of the gods. Once again, Swith was left out, gaining only a handful of worshipers. Avleyn and Kaith were soon regarded as one being, The Gods of Life and Death.

As the humanoid beings of Aield began to expand, worship began to move passed the simple universal laws, minor gods began to appear, though not nearly as powerful as main gods, their influence was still quite palpable in the world. Swith gained a few allies through this occurrence, one of which was essentially created by her.

This trend has continued until today, though new gods are nearly unheard of now. Countries formed, wars were fought, and after many years, stability has come over Aield. The countries have attained a state of relative peace with each other, allowing them to focus more on exploration and discovering the mysteries hidden in the unexplored parts of the world. However, this happy period of peace was cut short.

A wave of discomfort crept over Aield, every being felt it, people woke in the middle of the night, farm animals became restless, the forests stirred with countless beasts perturbed by this phenomenon. Clerics and Paldins of the Gods of Life and Death lost all of their divine abilities. Men and women on their death beds miraculously would not die and the birthrate plummeted. Crops would not wilt and die after bearing their fruit, and seeds would not grow. Desperate prayers could be heard at every church of Life and Death, but all they received in reply was silence. Days later, word was finally received from a high Cleric of Luina, he announced that he had received word that, with the assistance of the gods Webst, Leyiss, and Maldre, Swith had captured Kaith. With Avleyn and Kaith’s powers being entwined for so long, the loss of Kaith has removed Avleyn’s powers.

A quiet panic has begun, the governments have been able to keep their citizens mostly calm. A ration of food has been enstated. Currently there is enough food, but soon without the ability to renew their stocks, there will not be enough food to support everyone. Swith’s minions prepare to move in to corrupt the weakened towns, with the assistance of Maldre’s undead armies, Leyiss’ elite Dark Knights, Webst’s crazed cultists, and even luck on their side, Aield’s future looks grim. Many Gods who were once enemies now join forces against this rogue group of deities in an attempt to keep the laws and the fabric of the world intact.

The gods have reached out to the people of Aield, choosing individuals to assist them in their campaign. These Chosen have taken up their arms to fight along side the gods. The people of Aield have put their faith into the gods and their Chosen. The weight of the world is on their shoulders, on your shoulders, and failure is not an option.

Order's End